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DG f H j Customer Information Update/KYC Form dG j T Customer Segment i NCG Other OGsh dG Al-Ruwad f OCG Advance Premier j dG S Reason for the update Y YG KYC j dG A fG ID Expiry e S G dG Branch Sender Number H Code e dG b dG 1/4 Date / KYC Form jQ J dG f dG Personal Information dG bQ Customer Number Account Number F G b H bQ Credit Card Number Name as written on ID/Iqama fB G j dG LQCG i NCG I dG Miss Others Please specify dG Mrs e bE G/ b dG e g X g c S G Mr F dG SG...
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DG j T Customer Segment: HOC Other GSH GD g H G L O Q R. S. G G G S G H E. G H G H E. G H A. G H E. G H e. NGC (f) The information requested is a required personal information under sections 10 (7), 12 and 13 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 2013 which requires that this data should be produced in the form and in a format, as may be provided for by the commissioner upon presentation of a written request that includes information in accordance with any regulations. (g) The Commissioner shall have the right at any time to request that the information be produced in a different format or to correct any information provided, as a result of which it shall no longer be provided in the form submitted by the requesting party. (h) The information disclosed on the list or upon application shall be retained for no more than one year as the Commissioner sees fit after which it may be removed by the Commissioner without a formal request, provided, however, that if at any time there are no additional information available for disclosure from other sources on that person, the Commissioner may remove them from the list. (i) The information referred to in these regulations shall be kept in a computerized collection, to be known as the personal information database of the Commissioner which shall be accessible to the public, with the provision of information to the following persons: (i) the Commissioner of the Department of Finance, Finance, in the form of a record in the computerized collection, to the extent that the information is necessary for the performance of the powers and functions of the Department and for its purposes; (ii) any person who requests the disclosure of personal information of a person to the Commissioner under these regulations. (j) Each financial institution shall inform the commissioner of the name and address of any person (to whom it is not obliged to disclose his or her name and address) that has requested access to his or her financial records so that it can verify the information provided.
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